General Gunsmithing Labor $50.00Hr

Machine Labor $90.00Hr

Inspect Firearm and Prepare Written Quote $25.00

Professional Scope Mounting and Bore sighting 45.00

Bore Sight Rifle $20.00

Dura coat Firearm Finishing –Call for Quote

Stock Refinishing-Call for Quote


Complete Clean, Disassemble, Safety Check, Lube, and Reassemble $45.00

Drill and Tap Frame for Scope Mounts $70.00

Semi-auto Pistol Action Job: Clean & Smooth Action, Not Including Any Parts $100.00

Tighten Slide on 1911 Style $70.00

Fit Barrel to 1911 Style Frame- Non-ramped Barrel $70.00

Ramped Barrel        $100.00

Fit and Install Barrel Bushing on 1911, Does Not Include Cost of Bushing $35.00

Bevel Magazine Well of 1911 Style Frame (Bluing or Polishing Additional) $40.00

Lower and Flare Ejection Port (Bluing or Polishing Additional) $40.00

Polish Barrel and Feed Ramp $40.00

Fit Custom Trigger, Does Not Include Cost of Trigger $30.00

Fit Custom Hammer, Does Not Include Cost of Hammer $65.00

Mill Slide for Low Profile Rear Sight $90.00

Mill Slide for Front Dovetail Sight $45.00

Install Stake on Front Sight, Does Not Include Sight $25.00

Install Extended Magazine Release, Does Not Include Mag Release $20.00

Modify Frame for Beavertail Grip Safety, Does Not Include Safety or Refinishing $70.00


Complete Clean, Disassemble, Safety Check, Lube, and Reassemble $45.00

Drill and Tap for Scope Mounts $40.00

Trigger/ Action Job/Clean and Smooth Action (Spring Kits and Parts Additional) $70.00

Re barrel Most Revolvers, Includes: Remove Old Barrel, Install Factory Barrel, Labor Only $90.00

Install Colored Front Sight Insert $35.00

Remove or Modify Hammer Spur $40.00

Convert Square Butt Frame to Round Butt (Bluing Additional) $70.00

Chamfer Barrel Throat $35.00

Chamfer Cylinder Chambers $35.00


Complete Clean, Disassemble, Safety Check, Lube, and Reassemble

Bolt Action, Pumps, Autos and Levers $45.00

Check Headspace $20.00

Lap Barrel $65.00

Cut and Crown Average Barrel $75.00

Re crown only certain calibers $30.00

Install New Bolt Handle, (Handle Not Included) Starts At $125.00

Inlet New Bolt Handle to Stock and Receiver $40.00

Zero in Rifle at Range, Ammo Not Included $50.00

Glass Bed Finish Rifle $85.00

Install Aluminum Pillars and Glass Bed $120.00

Inlet and Glass Bed Semi-Inlet Stock $60.00Hr

Trigger Work on Request (starting Price) $40.00

Install Swivels, Michaels or Similar $20.00

Install Swivels When Drilling and Tapping is Required $25.00

Fit Low Swing Safety (Timney, Wisner,Etc) $40.00

Install Three Position Safety (Safety Not Included) 60.00Hr

Action work and Custom Built Rifles Remington 700 and Savage Action,and all bolt action receivers, Call for a quote

Remove barrel from receiver $ 45.00

Cut,Crown and thread Barrel Starts at $ 90.00


Complete Clean, Disassemble. Safety Check, Lube, and Reassemble

Pumps Rem 870 or Moss 500 or Similar $40.00

Autos Rem 1187 and Beretta 391 or Similar $50.00

Win 97, Rem 11’S, Bwn Auto-5’s and Similar Models $60.00

Doubles and o/u’s $60.00

High Grade Doubles and O/U’s With Sidelocks $100.00

Cut, Crown and Reset Bead (New Bead Additional) $40.00

Cut and Crown Only On Single Barrels $30.00

Cut and Crown O/U or SxS $75.00

Drill and Tap for Sight Bead (one) $20.00

Drill and Tap for Sight Beads (Two, Same Set Up) $30.00

Install Rifle Sights on Plain Barrel (Includes Remington Sights) $175.00

Drill and Tap for Top Mounts $45.00

Drill and Tap for Side Mount (Starting At) $45.00

Shotgun Barrel Dent removal POR