Recon Jet Positioning
and Core Messaging

Recon Jet is the world’s most advanced wearable micro computer for sports and high intensity environments. It features a powerful processor and on-board camera that connect seamlessly with smartphones and sensors, delivering activity-specific information instantly, just below your right eye. A true performance smart glass, Jet is ruggedized for active outdoor use and is integrated with Recon’s high-performance sports eyewear.

Camera — Snap photos or video with a touch. Jet’s integrated hi-def point-of-view camera is instantly accessible on the fly, because the exceptional happens when you least expect it.
Metrics — Users see key performance stats in a flash on Jet’s customizable dashboard. Jet’s computer, GPS and connected sensors generate the metrics that matter and even allow athletes to share data in real time to their favorite social networks. Jet stats can be uploaded easily to any data tracking service including Strava, Training Peaks, MapMyFitness and dozens of others.
Phone — Even when in a training session, users don’t need to put their life on hold. Jet conveniently displays texts and caller IDs. Without ever touching their phone users will never be out of touch with the people and information that matter most.
Location — Users can easily see their location as well as that of friends on Jet’s razor sharp maps. With a quick glance, they’ll always stay on track and keep their group together.
Extendability Recon’s SDK and API enable developers to harness Jet’s powerful computing platform to build amazing applications. The possibilities are endless, limited only by a developer’s imagination. Even at this early stage apps that allow users to leverage Jet’s capabilities to enhance sailing, shooting, flying and more have been developed.