TrackingPoint is a group of technologists who love to hunt and shoot. As lifetime NRA members and engineers, we’ve always looked for ways to com-bine our passion for hunting with what we do for a living.
When our founder missed a shot at a gazelle at 300 yards, his mind began to churn. He thought, why not…
• Put fighter jet technology in a firearm?
• Make firearms that amplify innate human shooting ability?
• Build firearms that dramatically extend the effective range of the average shooter?

He brought together a team from around the world: target-tracking software experts, electrical engineers, and optics engineers. Just 2.5 years later, the first Precision-Guided Firearm was created.

We believe that Precision-Guided Firearms will save the lives of thousands of American soldiers and give our military a tremendous battle advantage. We know that hunting with Precision-Guided Firearms results in cleaner kills and less wounding of animals. We think that Precision-Guided Firearms are ideal for predator control and herd management.

We also have confidence that our rifles will attract new, young shooters who might not have otherwise participated in shooting sports, ultimately growing the sport we enjoy so much.

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